Start your meal off right with one of great appetizers.

Queso Dip $6.69
Melted blend of white cheeses served with house made tortilla chips

Spud Nuggets $6.99
Potato, bacon, & cheese rolled up into deep fried ooey gooey balls served with spud sauce

Traditional Wings
Choose from buffalo, teriyaki, moonshine bbq, or jala-mango
small: $6.89
large: $11.99

Fried Sweet Pickles $5.99
Sweet pickle chips hand breaded and fried golden served with chipotle ranch

Giant Soft Pretzel $7.49
served with our house made dip

Mac n Cheese Bites $6.99
Deep fried mac n cheese. Need we say more?

Quesadilla $5.99
Flour tortilla shell filled with lots of melty cheddar & provolone cheese, served with a side of sour cream & salsa (add steak or chicken for $1.99 more)

Salsa & Chips $5.69
Our fresh made salsa served with house made tortilla chips

Loaded Nachos $7.99
House made tortilla chips tossed with chicken, steak, or chili, house made queso dip, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, & jalapenos with a side of sour cream and house made salsa

Jalapeno Poppers $6.99
Jalapenos & cream cheese fried golden and served with a side of ranch

Come with choice of one side.

Woo Pig Sooie $8.99
1/3 lb breaded pork tenderloin, lettuce, tomato, pickle, & mayo on a toasted Brioche bun

Cheese Head $5.99
Five cheeses on buttered and grilled Texas toast

Chicken Sandwich $7.49
Choose from grilled or crispy chicken breast, with lettuce, tomato, & mayo on a toasted Brioche bun

Slam Dunk Steak Sandwich $8.99
Served on a ciabatta roll with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle ranch

Reuben $7.99
Steamed corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, & 1000 island on a grilled marble rye

Shrimp Po’Boy $9.99
Hand breaded shrimp with lettuce, tomato, & Arkansauce on a toasted baguette

The Bank Roll $6.99
1/4 lb all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried smothered in shredded cheddar cheese & homemade chili and then wrapped in a soft flour tortilla shell

Come with your choice of one side.

***Want to replace the beef patty with a veggie patty? Just ask!***

Grilled Cheese Cheese Burger $10.99
9 oz patty topped with onion tanglers and moonshine bbq stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches

Golden Sun Burger $8.99
9 oz patty topped with cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, fried egg, lettuce, & tomato on a toasted brioche bun

All American Burger $6.99
9 oz patty with lettuce, onion, tomato, & pickles on a toasted brioche bun (extra patty – $1.99, cheese – .99, bacon – $1.49)

Razorback Burger $8.99
9 oz patty topped with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, & jala-mango sauce on a toasted jalapeno sweet roll

Enjoy one of our great salads

Cobb Salad $8.99
Mixed greens, avocado, bacon, egg, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles, croutons, & your choice of grilled or crispy chicken

Caesar Salad $6.99
Mixed greens, parmesan cheese, croutons, & Caesar dressing (add chicken for $1.99)

Strawberry Walnut Salad $8.99
Spinach, candied walnuts, slivered almonds, shredded white cheddar, dried cranberries & fresh strawberries with house made strawberry vinaigrette

Salad Dressings: House dressing, Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard, Strawberry Vinaigrette, Caesar, 1000 Island, Italian, and Bleu Cheese

French Fries $2.49

Onion Tanglers $2.49

Side Salad $3.69

Grilled Asparagus $2.49

Mac & Cheese $2.49

Florentine Broccoli $2.49

Sweet Potato Fries $2.49

Fried Green Tomatoes $2.49

Mashed Potatoes $1.99 (add gravy for .99 more)

Baked Potatoes $2.49 (loaded for .99 extra)

Quail Medallions $16.99
Six quail breast stuffed with jalapenos and wrapped with bacon

Shrimp Skewers $12.49
Six jumbo grilled shrimp on a bed of rice pilaf served with cocktail sauce

Chicken Fried Steak $9.99
9 oz of fresh beef hand breaded, fried, & smothered in country gravy

Chicken Breast $9.99
Choose from fresh grilled or hand breaded & fried chicken

Catch of the Day $14.99
Chefs choice of seafood. Ask your server for details

Fish & Chips $7.99
Three beer battered cod fillets, french fries, and your choice of one additional side

Filet Mignon  8 oz  $23.99

Sirloin  12 oz  $17.49

Ribeye  20 oz  $33.99

Porterhouse  22 oz  $37.99

Old Bank Favorite
10″: $8.79
16″: $16.29
Red sauce, pepperoni, ground smoked Petit Jean sausage, beef, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, & buffalo milk mozzarella cheese.

The Vault
10″: 8.79
16″: 16.29
Red sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef, onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, & buffalo milk mozzarella cheese.

All Meat
10″: $8.99
16″: $16.69
Red sauce, pepperoni, beef, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, & buffalo milk mozzarella cheese

*Build your own pizza – 10″ – $7.29 / 16″ – $11.29

Additional ingredients: 10″ -.75 each ingredient / 16″ – $1.25 each ingredient

Red Sauce
Moonshine BBQ
Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella

Petit Jean Sausage
Italian Sausage

Black Olives
Bell Peppers
Banana Peppers
Artichoke Hearts
Sun Dried Tomatoes

**Served between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.**

BLT Club $7.99
Six slices of Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayo on Texas toast

Turkey & Provolone $7.99
Sliced turkey breast, provolone cheese, and house dressing on a grilled jalapeno sweet roll

1/2 Salad $4.99
Choose from Cobb, Caesar, or Strawberry Walnut salad and your choice of dressing

Poblano Quesadilla $7.99
Roasted poblano peppers and melty provolone cheese inside a crispy flour tortilla served with salsa verde & sour cream

Sandwich & Salad $7.99
Choose from BLT, Cheesehead, Turkey & Provolone, or Reuben and a side salad with your choice of dressing

All our desserts are made in house.

French Lemon Tart $5.49
Fresh made lemon custard in a golden crust topped with a rosette of whipped cream

Banana Pudding $5.49
Vanilla wafers with layers of fresh bananas, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream served in a 16 oz wide mouth mason jar

Chocolate Blitz $6.99
A chocolate lovers dream!! Chocolate soft serve ice cream with mini chocolate chip cookies and mini Twix bars with layers of chocolate whipped topping. We then top it with a giant brownie with a sugar cone on top drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup.

Coconut Cream Pie $5.49
Graham cracker crumbs with layers of coconut cream pudding and whipped cream served in a 16 oz wide mouth mason jar.

Pecan Pie Cheesecake $6.99
Graham cracker crust topped with a layer of pecan pie, then a layer of cheesecake, finally topped with thick caramel and candied pecans

Apple Crisp $5.49
Try this warm, homemade dessert made with fresh sliced apples and a thick layer of crust on top. Ask for it al a mode if you’d like!


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