How small businesses lose customers


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Story TitleHow small businesses lose customers

Years ago I was teaching small business owners how to sell our products, when I discovered that many small businesses owners had no concept of “selling” their business,  not just their products or services.

I started asking, “How many of you employees are involved in selling for you?”

I would get answers like, “20% of my people are in sales”, or “I have 5 salespeople”.

About every 10th business owner would get it.

“Everybody who works for me effects sales”


Yes, when your parts truck, with your name on the side, driven by that minimum wage high schooler, cuts off my wife in traffic….

Think that I’m going to buy from you?

When two of your mechanics sit in a coffee shop, complaining about all the problems on that new model of car you are selling, think that’s driving up interest in a car purchase?

Learn this: everyone who works for you, sells for you….

Or unsells for you.

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